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i like sherlock holmes
sometimes i paint myself grey for fun or whatever
please don't yell at me i am a delicate pastry


i laughed unreasonably hard


i laughed unreasonably hard

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sherlock: *pops a wheelie on his heelys* let’s solve crimes, u nerds.

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Because Heather said "I swear to god, the reason Mike Stamford didn’t go to John’s wedding is because he was fucking pissed that John did not marry Sherlock"  and I couldn’t not. +

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Martin Freeman being a complete cutie psycho killer

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i will never ever ever spell the word restaurant right on the first try

anyway, check out the cute shit i bought

poly relationships that’s the solution to these anons

Anonymous said: For the past nine months, I have had a crush on this fantastically dorky boy in my theatre group who is an absolutely brilliant actor and writer. He's sweet and funny and goshdarn cute, too. He is just about everything that I would look for in a guy (well, not just a guy, but in any significant other). There's just one itsy bitsy problem though: He has a girlfriend to whom he's incredibly devoted.

man, y’all got these crushes on these people that have other people and it’s breaking my heart

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